Yaap Shopping

Yaap shopping is an app that has been created by the union of Telefónica, Caixabanc and Banco Santander in which you will find a lot of discounts in stores and restaurants. The discounts can be very varied, such as a free menu, a 70% discount on clothes and shoes, etc. In addition, all the discounts you find at Yaap shopping apply whether you make the purchase in the physical store or if you want to do it online.

No matter which your bank is, Yaap shopping will show you a list of offers by category so that you can benefit from them, online or in stores and in sectors such as fashion, beauty, sports, travel..

Yaap shopping you will have a great list with all the establishments in your city where you can find better prices, discounts and promotions.

yaap Shopping is the app that discovers you the shops, stores, restaurants and coffee shops, with style and discounts in your city. A perfect virtual showcase to find fashion stores, sports, decoration and different restaurants and “cool” in your area. At the same time, it provides small and medium-sized businesses with technological tools aimed at attracting customers and thus help them compete with large chains and multinationals.

Yaap shopping is the virtual showcase of different neighborhood stores. It has a selection of the most chic, original and exclusive fashion stores, accessories and decoration of the main neighborhoods of the country.