I’m a Professional Mobile Consultant

As a Principal Mobile Lead with over a decade of experience, my focus has been on creating, deploying, and maintaining both business and consumer products that excel in user experience and functionality. I have a strong commitment to attention to detail, which has been a cornerstone of my work.

Throughout my career, I have held leadership positions that have contributed to the success of organizations and the development of distinguished products for clients such as Formula 1, EE, Playboy, Hastings Direct, E.ON, HSBC, RBS, Visa, Stonegate Group, and many others. My deep understanding of mobile application development has played a central role in shaping the technical architecture of mobile solutions.

I have a wealth of experience in designing, optimizing, and seamlessly integrating business processes across various systems and mobile technologies that helped me driving innovation and success in the projects I’ve undertaken.

My experience goes beyond technical guidance; it involves taking care talent and fostering a collaborative and innovative mindset among team members, guiding them in the landscape of mobile technology.

My Experience

Skill And Experience