Split n Play: Double Music Player with Earphones

Split n Play brings the best music sharing experience on the go.

You’re travelling with a friend but you only have 1 device with all your music on it. How can you both enjoy your own music?

Split n Play. That’s how!


Simply connect your headphones as normal, then give your friend one ear piece and listen to two different tracks at the same time, one for each earphone.


Split n Play gives you two independent playlist’s with standard controls to play, pause, skip, repeat and shuffle without interrupting the other user’s music. Each playlist even has its own volume control for that ear piece.


With Split n Play, managing independent playlist’s has never been easier, with a custom song picker built to provide the best experience possible within the app.


Split n Play also continues to play your music in the background, displaying information about both tracks in the control centre for iOS7 (or the multitasking bar in iOS6)


  • Colour coded playlists and track progress overlay to easily identify left and right ear piece for your headphones
  • Swipe on the cover art to play the NEXT/PREV song of that playlist
  • Swipe up or down on the cover art to exchange playlist’s between users
  • Swipe on a song of a playlist to remove a song
  • Tap the + button on each playlist to add more songs from your music library
  • PLAY/PAUSE your playlist from your earphone’s controls, iOS7 Control Centre or iOS6 iPod Controls based on whether or not the song is playing.