Gage: Network Speed Test Utility

Built for network administrators and software developers to test performances of Content Delivery Network (CDN), device and internet connections speeds/bandwidth.

No 3rd party networking libraries to unsure reliable test results unaffected by code bottlenecks.

Gage includes location support as well as full history, allowing you to see all the tests you’ve run for a particular server and where those tests were run from.

History and Maps

• Full test history to shows the type of connection that was used for that test, the app even indicates if user switched connections during the test
• Time/speed detail
• Custom map annotation to show test details from map view
• You can now show all results from the map view while viewing a specific result


• Faster debugging and reporting.
• Save time and costs.
• Quickly determine bottlenecks.

InApp Purchases:

Gage is a FREE app that includes limited functionality and advertisements for free users with the option to upgrade to premium that removes ads and show additional information during the download.