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EyezenTM app focused on 5-minute daily program over 4 weeks, managing the user screen consumption while relieving the eyes and preventing visual fatigue in a fun way!

With the EyezenTM program, discover a zen and relaxing world that offers:

• Tracking the time spent in front of the screens every day (smartphone, computer and tablet)
Leave the application open in the background: it will track the time spent on your phone and save the time spent on other devices.

• A profile of your visual fatigue
Indicate your habits and define your level of fatigue.

• A training program with several exercises in 4 Zen worlds
Receive 2 exercises a day, from Monday to Friday, for 4 weeks
5 types of exercises are proposed:
– Controlled movements of the eyes, which relax the muscles of your eyes;
– The focus, which is to look at an object at different distances;
– Massage, to relieve the eyes;
– Blinking, to refresh and moisturize the eyes.
– The movements of the head and body to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders.

Win trophies at the end of each week and share them!

• Tips to help you better appreciate your digital activities
Receive information on the impact of screens on your eyes and tips to reduce eye fatigue due to the use of digital tools.

The EyezenTM app does not provide medical advice. It can not replace the opinion of a specialist, a diagnosis or a medical treatment.

The app uses GPS

Eyezen ™ is a registered trademark of Essilor International.
© Essilor International – September 2016

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Warning: the launch of GPS in the background is necessary to use all the features of the application, which can significantly reduce the life of the battery.