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  • v/vo vs po/p in lldb
    v is the alias for “frame variable”, Apple added that back in Xcode with v10.2+ Most of the times developers want to use v instead of po/p in lldb as it’s faster and more reliable way to get your info. Also there is a […]
  • How to delete all local branches that have already been merged
    Sometimes happens that the local repository is not very well maintained for many reasons and so the need to delete all local branches that have already been merged. Here is an example of what the command looks like: But if you just want to […]
  • Distribute your code as XCFramework
    To distribute code in binary form I suggest to create an XCFramework artifact that contains the binaries.This will allow you to make your code available as binary to protect your intellectual property. Since Xcode 11 XCFramework simultaneously support distribution to devices, simulators and MacOS […]
  • Let’s start again
    Well, after almost 10 years I decided to go back on writing posts again. Let’s see where this will lead me at this time of my life, lots has changed since then. I am married, I have kids and many personal sides projects in […]