Playboy App

Playboy App brought exclusive content only available on the app, “best articles” from the latest issue of Playboy, original lifestyle content and “non-nude” pictorials.

It featured Q&A with Girls, as well as a section for essential tips on travel, food, drink, cars, gear, and style for men. There was also the usual interview, a shorter 20 questions, long-form non-fiction pieces, opinions about political and social developments, as well as fiction selections.

The new app included exclusive pictorials of “breathtaking beauties,” with sections that feature returning Playmates, renowned photographers, and winners of the magazine’s ongoing social media competition and also an opening video starring notable Playmates.

Readers could also bookmark content for reading later, access previous months’ issues and special collections, download content, and subscribe to the app.

Apple iPhone users did not get the same experience of the paper magazine because of Cupertino’s rules regarding nudity material.

I joined the team to start the development of the app, build prototypes for the lunch screen, the gallery, the articles and most important define the app architecture. I worked on the most advanced features of the app and in collaboration with the backend I helped to define the APIs consumed by the app.